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GP Medical Record

Say ‘Yes’ and let the hospital doctor or nurse see your GP medical record

If you need to go to A&E from November 2017, the doctor or nurse treating you may ask to see your GP medical record.

Saying ‘YES’ and giving the clinical team permission to see your full medical history will help to protect your safety by allowing them to understand any health conditions or care plans you have.

You do have the right to say no to sharing your information.

Ask a member of practice staff for further information.

Improving Your Care

Until now, if you needed emergency treatment in the hospital, the doctors and nurses (clinicians) have not had access to the healthcare information on your GP’s computer system.

This means that the clinicians treating you in A&E will not have access to any of your medical history saved on your GP’s records, such as what medication you are on, or details of any tests you may have had.

From November 2017 clinicians in the A&E department at Stepping Hill will start to use a system that will allow them to have access to your full GP records. This will help clinicians to give you safe and effective treatment that is tailored to your needs and medical history.

Unless you opt out completely, each time you go to A&E for emergency treatment, you will be asked for your permission for the clinicians to view your medical records.

In an emergency (for example, if you are unconscious or otherwise unable to say yes), the clinicians may still access this information if it is in your best interest and will improve the care they are able to give.

If you would not like your information shared with clinicians in the hospitals, or would like to know more, please speak to a member of practice staff.

Please note, if you decide not to share your data, the hospital staff will not be able to view your GP records, even in an emergency.

Click here to download the opt out request form. Please return the completed form to the practice.

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